‘Tuchel’ accepts Singh too many mistakes to be more accurate

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Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea played OK but had to correct too many mistakes. After being overtaken by West Ham United on Saturday,

Chelsea took the lead but were equalized from the penalty spot. They took the lead again with Mason Mount’s brilliant shot to wrap up the first half,

but West Ham did not give up, chasing an equalizer in time and luck from Arthur’s cross. Masuaku, who replaced the first post in the 87th minute, helped the Hammers come back to win, and

the German sees that even if they play like this, they still have a chance to win. But what needs to be corrected is too many mistakes.

“I do not think we have a terrible game here, the game is okay, forms, and we have a chance to win,” said Hansen, Michael told BT Sport

: “It’s hard to come here, we have a rhythm. that misses too much personally,

“If you want good results at this level, you have to reduce your mistakes. We’ve talked about that before, which obviously didn’t help.”

The penalty they took was because Jorginho sent the ball back to Eduard Mendy, not good, right by Jar. Rod Bowen chased and squeezed until the final foul.

Speaking about the situation, Tuchel said: “Everyone is involved, the pass was not the best decision, the ball wasn’t in the right direction, we can fix this but the decision from Edu. the timing was not the best “

” we created a lot of half-baked, with a touch of the ball in the penalty area several times. But sometimes they need a little luck, the shot ricochet or ball put our feet “

,” three children that I think is the goal of surprise, a key twice in their first half came from a mistake. ours”

“We couldn’t close this game with an opportunity to be clear and not better, need to be more precise, we still had some defensive problems at certain moments,”

he said. It won’t hold us back from what we demand of ourselves. But we have to play more precisely, more stable and less importantly.