Solskjaer promises that “Sancho” will definitely put more ghosts down.

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has pledged that Jadon Sancho will get more playing time for the club.

Last summer, the 21-year-old wing moved from Borussia. Dortmund joined the “Red Devils” for a fee of 73 million pounds,

however, he has not been able to score or pay in all 12 games in Solskjaer’s squad.

After a 5-0 home defeat to Liverpool, Solskjaer has switched to a back three in a row, reducing Sancho ‘s chances even further

and it looks like their home game against Manchester City on Saturday night. The Norwegian coach is likely to remain the same,

however, Solskjaer said: “Jadon will play many matches. And he will continue to do better. In the last few matches he has been in trouble because of the system we use.”

“But this will not be the permanent 3-5-2 team that we will always see. So you will see more Jadon. He will do well with us. He knows what we want from him. I keep talking to him. So it will be okay.”

“We knew who we signed when we grabbed him. And we know that he will be one of the top strikers for many years to come. The next decade at least,” he said.