‘Rafa’ accepts toffee condition without a new year’s budget

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Rafa Benitez, Everton manager Agreed that the club would not have much money to add to the team during the opening of the January transfer window,

“Toffee” has been rumored with many players over the past few years, including reserve midfielder Donny van de Beek. Of Manchester United and Aleksandr Golovin of AS Monaco

last summer, Rafa Benitez spent just £1.7m on reinforcements. Because the club has restrictions on financial fair play. which he sees as the situation is still unchanged

“I spoke to Marcel Brands (sporting director), he couldn’t explain much. I think we still have time to consider what we have to do.”

“When you go there and sit down, prepare your own plans. It may change depending on the injury. Depends on the player’s playing form I think in this case When we talk about the owners who have spent the last 400 million pounds in the last few years. We wouldn’t be able to blame him for anything.”

“But at the same time It’s a pity that we can’t spend money this year because it’s a financial fair play year. We have to think creatively. Think about how to best manage the situation. And sure in January People will be stronger.”

“I think we’ll have some money to spend. But I don’t think there will be much together”

“It doesn’t matter what the price is. It’s more about the mental state. The fans know because I’ve been reading the comments for the last six months

. They know exactly what character you want. What kind of quality are you looking for?”

“We need to find these players because they are in the market for you to find. If we can buy them that’s fine. If we can’t buy it, we borrow it or make sure they can stay here in the future. We can find a solution and we will do our best.”