Pep says he doesn’t remember ever praising ‘De Zerbi’

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola denies ever saying Roberto de Zerbi will be the City’s next manager.

Reports have revealed that Pep spoke to a group of Brighton players praising De Zerbi as being the next City manager. It happened after the game at the Amex Stadium last May. Most recently,

Pep, who has a contract with the Blues until 2025, speaking at a press conference ahead of this weekend’s clash with Brighton, confirmed that he I don’t remember ever saying that. But he praised the Italian coach for his skill. He could manage a team anywhere. ยูฟ่าเบท

“I can’t remember. Maybe I have a bad memory. But I am sure that Roberto de Zerbi can coach any team in the world. I don’t have any doubts,” Pep said.

“I don’t remember saying that to the player. I remember saying it one or two games before he arrived about supporting the manager. But I don’t remember saying that.”

“It’s none of my business. If the president comes to ask for my opinion I will express my opinion. But that’s none of my business.”

“I’m not the sports director. It is not my responsibility to say what is right or wrong.”