Johnson hurts Hotspur after dropping points.

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Brennan Johnson, Tottenham Hotspur attacker was disappointed. When the team was unable to beat West Ham in the London derby match last Tuesday. Because they saw that the score of 1-1 was their side’s lack of decisiveness. Making the fight for the top 4 even more difficult sports.

Spurs had 68% of possession, had 13 chances to finish, both leading but the Roosters booed. But he was quickly beaten. All the opportunities that were created in the future disappeared UFABET

It is a huge pile of homework that all parties must work together to solve. If they still hope to reach the top 4 goals in the English Premier League points table, guaranteeing a Champions League quota.

Opening mouths through ‘Football on TNT Sports’

“We are not satisfied. Because in most games the team is the one who holds the advantage.”

“We just lacked decisiveness in life-or-death moments. However, if we look at the picture of the game. There is still reason to be satisfied.”

“Personally, every week I learn more and more confident every 7 days. Which if looking back at the first 2-3 months with the team, the level was not as high as now.” 

“’The team’s style of play is unbelievable. But there are still some mistakes that need to be eliminated. Especially conceding goals from set pieces is unacceptable.” 

“The team just needs time to become more integrated and wants to finish the season in the best way possible.” 

Hotspur have played 30 matchdays and are 5th in the table with 57 points. Two points behind Aston Villa in fourth place, guaranteed a place in the Champions League. It is still considered changeable. 

Or both may win Champions League tickets. If the conclusion of this season’s performance coefficient for English clubs is good enough to benefit them, sweeping 5 seats.