‘Bruno’ is easy to say, when his poor form is to blame for “Ole” alone

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Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes insists Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not the one to blame for the team’s uneven performance this season.

Portuguese midfielder Seeing the players need to take responsibility for the Red Devils’ poor form,

Bruno told Sky Sports :

“He’s a wonderful man. And I think everyone knows his human side already.

“It’s normal for people to feel disappointed when the result doesn’t happen.

“It’s too easy to blame Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when we go out on the pitch. We should do better than this.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has also supported his manager as well.

“We still need to improve. We have different players and different systems.

“We have to adapt which takes time. We still have time to improve.”

Bruno Fernandes says Manchester United’s main focus in the lead up to their derby clash with Manchester City has been to get their defending right, so their creative players can win the crucial clash at Old Trafford on Saturday.

While the Portuguese playmaker insists that result won’t impact this weekend’s match, he revealed a dressing room exchange after losing to Liverpool has forced the focus of the squad onto keeping opposition sides out. According to a report from ufabet.