Arsenal 3-3 Southampton: Collected after the Premier League game

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Arsenal 3-3 Southampton: Collected after the Premier League game, the artillery nearly lost to the last team last night.

Got hit quickly, the plan was broken

This game can call shocking the fans from the first minute. From the moment Aaron Ramsdale assists. Carlos Alcaraz to shoot stubbornly from the first 30 seconds, plus after a while Let’s jump to the old kid, Theo Walcott, taking a 2-0 lead. That Arsenal have no choice but to open the face to exchange punches. Even though one was return, another was hit. Fortunately, at the end of the game, Southampton was not calm enough to keep the score until it hit a 3-3 draw within a few minutes. Otherwise, the result of the competition would have been worse.

Defensive game, artillery, severe condition

It seems Saliba’s absence is going to be worse than many people thought. Not just a center back position. But it seemed to affect the entire back panel, from Ramsdale. Who made simple mistake, passing to rival Gabriel. Go himself let Saleta Sarr head in, which, as you can see, faced with a plum team like Southampton. How big is the next game against Manchester City?

Stumbled 3 shots in a row

If you look at the previous form a few weeks ago, no one would believe that in the end, Arsenal would fall off their horses since the game against Liverpool, who were superior to them. Like the next game against West Ham, he came back with two shots in a row. And this game, which was hit by the plum, pressed up to 3 Tung, collected only 3 points out of 3 games. Drop 6 points for free, starting like many people had actually analyzed that the experience and stability of the artillery would eventually be a problem.

The champion is no longer in the hands of the cannon.

1 point in this game makes them only 5 points ahead of Manchester City, but they play more than 2 games, which if rounded that City collects full remaining game points, they will overtake Arsenal immediately. Which means The Gunners must hope for the Blue Sailboat to stumble as well. Although from the original place, just collecting points to win every game will guarantee the championship without caring about anyone’s results. This is not counting Wednesday night’s crucial game when Mikel Arteta’s side take on the Etihad Stadium. Which had previously only been satisfactory with a draw. But with this situation, the problem has changed, just a draw may not be enough, having to attack Manchester City in the house instead, only to be able to return to control their own destiny again.